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Rob and Hania are a husband and wife team. They met during their Osteopathic studies and moved to Ontario Canada in 2017. They are proud parents to three busy boys, Leonardo, Jovani and Massimo. They love spending time as a family, meeting new people and making pizza! 
They share a passion for Osteopathy and what it can do to help people of all ages. They have witnessed first hand the benefits of osteopathic manual therapy and their mission is to help others as they journey toward their health goals. 
Rob and Hania are advocates for collaborative care and work closely with many healthcare practitioners to ensure that you and your family are getting the care that you need. 



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Rob Mastroddi 
M.Ost., PGCert.

Having enjoyed playing sports from a young age, Rob witnessed and experienced many sports injuries. It was a desire to help prevent these injuries that led Rob to pursue a career in osteopathy.

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Hania Mastroddi 
M.Ost., BSc., PGCert.

Hania graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), previously named the British School of Osteopathy, in London U.K. in 2015 with a Master of Osteopathy degree. 

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